UK manufacturing is a vibrant and resourceful part of the economy that is well-placed to deliver growth in globalised markets, to the benefit of the UK economy. Manufacturing companies capture market share through innovation, an emphasis on quality and increasingly through their service offerings. There are multiple layers to the manufacturing story, and oversimplified generalisations do not reflect how agile and flexible manufacturers need to be to meet new market demands.

We support businesses within a wide range of environments and setting to manufacturing world class products. Weather it's experts within manufacturing techniques and planning to production, manufacturing and technical operatives we offer many permanent, temporary and onsite solutions, depending on the demands and requirements of the client. 

We specialist for the supply to the following sectors:

- FMCG - Fast Moving Consumable Goods

- Food Sector

- Defence and Military Manufacturing

- Specialist Manufacturing 

- Automotive

- Semi Conductor

- Medical Device

- Pharmaceutical 

- Packing and Packaging

- Engineering Assembly

We offer a number of solutions to assist our clients to find the ideal candidate and our candidates to find the ideal job.