Technical job skills, also referred to as hard skills, are specific talents and expertise an individual possesses, helping him perform a certain task or job; these skills differ from soft skills, which are character and personality traits. We at Platform Resourcing are committed to supplying high skilled and well experienced qualified staff. 

We support businesses with a wide range of highly skilled technical individuals from design, product development and applications to sector specific roles. We are all about representing the highest calibre candidates to help assist in the search for the ideal job. Technical vacancies have more recently experienced candidate shortage due to a lack of talent and a reduction in qualified individuals entering the job market. 

We specialist for the supply to the following sectors:

- Aerospace/Aviation

- Automotive 

- Defence and Military Applications 

- Specialist Manufacturing 

- Semi Conductor Sector

- Medical Device Sector 

- Pharmaceutical 

- Life Sciences

- Research and Development 

We offer many solutions to assist our clients to find the ideal candidate and our candidates to find the ideal job. 

We are in our marketing strategy and how we attract candidates to get the best fit for all. 

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