The Royal Academy of Engineering estimates that Wales will need more than 2,500 engineering graduates over the next three years. Nearly 40% of workers in the advanced manufacturing and engineering sector are aged over 50 and nearly 10% are over 60 and set to retire in the next five years. With just 6% under 25, the shortage of engineers could be set to get worse if more aren’t trained.

A great deal of the challenges the modern engineering sector face are labour related. The demand in the UK for highly skilled engineers is greater than ever and Platform Resourcing wants to assist businesses to find the best talent. 

We are committed to supplying quality, full vetted and highly skilled people to fulfil your requirements. 

We have the capability to supply:

- Quality Engineers

- Mechanical Design Engineers

- Project Engineers

- Skilled Machinist - CNC & Manual 

- Design Specialises 

- Product Innovation Professionals 

- Toolmakers

- Application Engineers

- NPI Engineers

- Planning Specialists

Our approach is simple, we will only supply candidates who fit the brief. 

Recruitment is essential to the running of your business, so we want to ensure you spend your valuable time meeting the right people. We focus on fit for the team, the manager, the business and the job. 

We also have the capability to supply an insight to the local market and can provide data in respect of salary reviews, the local market conditions and comparative benefit reviews. 

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