What should you be doing to right now to find work?

With unemployment at a high, what should job seekers be doing to find work? Registering with a recruitment agency is one thing, however agency alone isn’t the only option.

You need to maximize your changes by looking at all possible opportunities and by using the wide range of tools available to job seekers. Below are our top tips of what you should be doing and where to look for that next opportunity.

Know what job you want

Far too often, candidates, start looking for work without having a clear objective of what they want to achieve.

Think of the following:

  • Location – Would you commute?
  • Salary – Be realistic
  • Hours of work – What other commitments do you have outside of work?
  • Culture of business – What type of company do you want to work for?
  • Progression – Will this company allow you to grow and develop?

Do NOT apply for everything! This will be counterproductive, and you will no doubt, end up applying for jobs that you are not qualified for or don’t match your real job set. This can lead you your CV being overlooked in the future.

Create a superb stand-out CV

There are very few job opportunities out there where an application can be made without a CV. So make you’re the CV the best you can but keep it simple. For more guidance then please read our CV writing guide.

Register on Recruitment Websites

Once the CV has been updated get this uploaded across a wide variety of websites including the following:

  • Total Jobs
  • CV Library
  • Monster
  • Reed
  • Jobsite
  • Indeed
  • Job Serve
  • Glass Door

Once registered then also set up your profile. Include as much detail as possible and include a professional picture if so required.

Within the profile section it should also allow you to set up notifications so that job will be sent to you. This allows you to be responding and getting applications in early. Job sites are great for finding jobs, but you need to look far and wide and not just rely on this alone.

Know the companies or at least the type of companies you want to work fo

Often when employers are recruiting, they will advertise directly on their website. Make a list of the type of companies you want to work with and do your research. Who in your local area do you want to work for? Are they recruiting? If they are not, then why not approach them to introduce yourself for future opportunities.

Knock doors!

It’s sometimes considered old fashioned; however, the personable and direct approach is sometimes the best. A good quality printed CV with a cover letter, in an envelope addressed to the hiring manager hand delivered really will stand out.

If you can’t get out a knock doors, start approaching directly via the telephone. Ask for the HR or Recruitment team, have a profile ready of what you are going to say and how you are going to position yourself.

Get your social media on point

Use professional social media to create your profile and gain interest in who you are and what you do. The choice of most employers is LinkedIn and again follow the rules for the website registrations.

You can also search for jobs via LinkedIn and then identify directly who are the hiring businesses are and sometimes you can track down the hiring managers.

You must also consider your other social media channels and how you might be perceived if a future employer checked your profile. The best advice here is restrict access to those outside your friend circle.

Transferrable skill

The hard a fast rule in the current climate employers are looking for as close a match to their vacancies as they can get. Transferrable skills are not a thing of the past, but if you are looking for a new role then try sticking to what you know…..you will certainly get more success.

Good luck with your job search………..be strategic!